Antarctica Polar Bears Official Team Site

Welcome to the Antarctica Polar Bears Official Team Site. The Polar Bears are a team in the World Football League (WFL), an expansion site, that allows the GM to create a team. You get to create your team name, location, logo, draft your players, sign free agents, and more. The games are decided by a league vote on each game, in case of a tie the game will then be decided by a Madden sim. After all the games have been decided, the games will then be simmed using Madden and plaer stats will then be posted, along with the updated list of league leaders. Each year, the WFL adds a couple teams so if you are intrested in what you see on this site, click the WFL link located above and come give it a peek. Also, if you would like to contact the league admin, fill out the Contact Us forum below and he will answer any questons you have.


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